Kayaking Wallowa Lake

Over the weekend, we decided to drive out to Wallowa Lake for a little camping trip. We were blessed with great weather, thank goodness! We got to enjoy sunny skies and temperatures averaging in the lower 70s.

We were itching to get the kayaks out again for the first time this year, and Joe had never been to Wallowa, so this was the perfect destination for a little weekend getaway.

My goodness… The drive to the lake was so beautiful and refreshing! Lots of farm property with old barns, beautiful horses, and giant snow dusted mountain peaks that frame the landscape. The skies here seem to go on forever, and the spectacular views make it pretty hard to keep your jaw from hitting the floor.

With Wallowa Lake being so large, we had plenty of time to relax on the water (and get a great upper body workout!).  We ended up spending several hours making our way around the lake and soaking up the sun, which was exactly what I needed after a long, stressful week. In the more shallow areas, the water is crystal clear, which gave us a great view of huge Lake Trout swimming below. I thought that was the coolest part of the entire trip!

This area is completely different from the last time I visited when I was around 11 years old. The nearby town of Joseph has become a trendy hot spot for tourists, with cute shops that would make Joseph a fun stop during a family vacation.

Wallowa Lake is pretty much a little town on it’s own too, with tourist activities like miniature golf, bumper boats,  and go karts. There’s also souvenir shops and restaurants- All within walking distance from the campsites. Although I normally don’t enjoy the real touristy stuff while camping, I did like the fact that we were able to stop for ice cream cones twice (yes, twice) throughout our stay.

We had our hearts set on riding the Tram that takes you up to the top of Hamilton Mountain, but immediately had to come up with a Plan B once they told us the price to ride was $33 per person! I know that they have to make money for maintenance, but seriously? There was no way we were going to pay over $60 just to experience nature. So, we set off on one of the trails on the South side of the lake.

Taking the Trail #1820, we came to this neat little spot (pictured above) and got to enjoy views of the lake, the Wallowa River, an abundance of wildflowers, and even some colorful beetles.

I am also proud to say that I got to experience the benefits of meditation for the first time! Meditation has been something I’ve really wanted to get into lately.. So, we stopped near the river and Joe and I held hands, closed our eyes, and focused on the sounds of rushing water, the light breeze, birds chirping, and all the other beautiful sounds of the forest.  It so was revitalizing! I think meditation is going to become a regular thing on future hikes, because that one little experience seriously changed my life!

I wonder where we’ll meditate next? 🙂

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