Introducing the Vintage Floral Collection

Wow, so much has changed within the last few months! 2017 was such a wonderful year… Full of so many opportunities (I got engaged back in October!), inspiration and improvements to my Bolo Designs.

As we dive into 2018, I will still be listing some of my vintage clothing and accessory finds, but I’m definitely going to focus more of my attention on  providing quality Bolo designs for both men AND women (Stay tuned for lots of feminine designs)!

Introducing the Vintage Floral Collection

You all know how much I love to go hunting for the perfect vintage pendants! Well, I lucked out recently and was able to find several of the most beautiful vintage cabochons. This has really allowed me to get more creative with my jewelry, as the cabs can be placed into a variety of different bezels/settings!

Although I still have a huge place in my heart for Western Wear, I’ve always been drawn to Victorian-esque floral patters too. By combining the best of both worlds, I present you with a unique, feminine twist on the traditional Bolo Design!

I’d like to think that my customers are just as quirky as I am, so I’m excited that this Vintage Floral Collection will fulfill your needs of owning beautifully handcrafted, bold statement jewelry!

This collection will be listed throughout the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check out Bolo Revival often. Even though all of this wedding planning has kept me PRETTY busy, I’m doing my best to list new things every week!

Here’s two of my most recent designs from the Vintage Floral Collection:

Black Floral Bolo Tie – $43.00 USD
Purple & Gold Rose Bolo Tie – $45.00 USD

No two Bolos are ever the same, so if you see one that you fall in love with, make sure to claim it while you still can!

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