Introducing the Vintage Floral Collection

Wow, so much has changed within the last few months! 2017 was such a wonderful year… Full of so many opportunities (I got engaged back in October!), inspiration and improvements to my Bolo Designs.

As we dive into 2018, I will still be listing some of my vintage clothing and accessory finds, but I’m definitely going to focus more of my attention on  providing quality Bolo designs for both men AND women (Stay tuned for lots of feminine designs)! Continue reading “Introducing the Vintage Floral Collection”

Camping on the Alvord Desert Playa

Eastern Oregon is definitely underrated when people think of the beautiful scenery this unbelievable state has to offer. Most will think of the lush forests surrounding the coastline and all of the picturesque waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge, but with the drier climate on the Eastern side, we’re able to experience the huge, rolling landscapes that come with never ending solitude. Continue reading “Camping on the Alvord Desert Playa”

Kayaking Wallowa Lake

Over the weekend, we decided to drive out to Wallowa Lake for a little camping trip. We were blessed with great weather, thank goodness! We got to enjoy sunny skies and temperatures averaging in the lower 70s.

We were itching to get the kayaks out again for the first time this year, and Joe had never been to Wallowa, so this was the perfect destination for a little weekend getaway. Continue reading “Kayaking Wallowa Lake”